Ruched Bottom Bikinis

A ruched bottom bikini is a great way to add some texture and shape to your suit. The look is exactly the same as the typical bikini bottom with the full coverage in the front and full coverage flat back, but no one said it had to stay that way. Adding ruching to the bottom brings out some shape in your behind so that you can stay covered but flaunt your curves at the same time. Avoid the sagging and bunching that can happen when you get out of the water by wearing a bottom with strategically placed ruching. This sewing technique gathers up the excess fabric and stitches it up into this ruched style, getting rid of that droopy look. What youre left with is style and functionality, all in one suit.

If you like the traditional bikini brief style, ruching can also accent your suit. There are bottom styles with fold-over waistbands that have ruching. Strategically place around your waist, ruching helps to hide your tummy area and give it a flatter look. Other ruching design details can be done on the sides. Some suits have some ruched texture to give the suit a unique look. Keep in mind that ruching can help to both hide and accentuate the areas you want, its simply a matter of having it in the right place.

Micro Bikini Swimwear

Picture a thong bikini, now imagine that thong getting a little bit smaller. Now you have a micro bikini! Micro bikini swimwear styles are gaining a lot more attention and popularity lately and for obvious reasons. These smaller versions of the thong are undoubtedly sexy with the amount of skin thats put on display. They create very few tan lines and it feels like youre wearing next to nothing. With a super low rise, minimal coverage in the front and a g-string in the back, this style is definitely not for the shy.

Brazilian Thong Bikinis

Brazilian thong bikinis are a sexy option to wear to the beach. They have a low-rise with full coverage in the front, but instead of full coverage or a g-string in the back, there's something in between. It's a perfect option for anyone who wants the sexiness of the Brazilian but doesn't want a g-string. When it comes to Brazilian thong bikinis, there are a variety of options with the most popular being the Whaletail style. While still exposing your cheeks, this thong graduates from being narrow at the bottom to being wider at the top to create a shape that's very similar to that of a whale's tail.

Mesh Bikini

Mesh swimwear is not for the faint of heart! These sheer suits can be extremely revealing so if you're feeling shy and timid, best opt for traditional solid fabrics. The mesh material these suits are made of are very thin and lightweight with moderate spacing in the weaving of the fine threads, thus giving it its transparent look. And once wet, the material becomes even more sheer. Not all mesh swimwear is created equal though. Solid colors will be more transparent than prints, as are lighter colors like white or yellow.

Pucker Bikini

The pucker bikini is a style of ruched bottom bikini. The ruching on this bottom is found down the center of the back of the bottom. Fabric is simply gathered up and stitched together, leaving a puckered look. This helps to outline the curves of your rear to allow you to show off its shape without having to expose any skin. Its both a flirty and comfortable look to sport.